An astrological chart or Horoscope is a map of the heavens for the specific time and place of one’s birth.

To the astrologer it represents a blueprint of the Soul or a cross-section of the unconscious mind at the time of birth. The natal chart maps out the factors which contribute to our character, temperament and disposition. It also describes one’s aptitudes, abilities and interests.

The astrodyne report is a means of quantifying the astrological energies within a chart and describing the way in which those energies are conditioned to attract pleasurable or painful experiences.

From the time of birth forward the planets continue to move through the cAstrological Charthart. They form relationships between themselves by this progressed motion, as well as forming aspects to the planets in the chart of birth. These progressed aspects are interpreted as “astrological weather conditions” that can affect us at any given period in our lives. Progressed aspects impact such areas as health, finances, career, family, relationships and more. An analysis of these progressions allows us to see in advance those
“windows in time” where we may experience opportunities or obstacles and helps determine the attitudes and activities that we can cultivate during these periods of fortune or misfortune.

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