My approach to astrology is non-fatalistic.

I believe that “Character is Destiny” and I view the astrological chart as a map of the character. Therefore, as we change our character, we change our destiny.

Astrological ApproachI also believe that the past is always with us, and is conditioned by the present to bring our future into a state of being. Because of this, the point of power is in the present moment, through the exercise of the free will. Through discovering the overall patterns of our life as revealed in the birth chart, we can choose how we express our thoughts, feelings and actions rather than simply reacting to the events and experiences of our lives.  By knowing in advance what astrological energies will be affecting us at any given time allows us a greater exercise of our will.

My counseling approach is a positive one. I believe that success in life comes through being able to fully express one’s self as is mapped out in the chart of birth. I assist the individual in understanding himself or herself and cultivate an attitude of self-approval, nurturance and commitment to personal growth.