The Tarot Deck I Use

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The AdeptI first began my tarot studies in 1970 at age 14 when my classmate Lonnie first gave me the A. E. Waite/Pamela Coleman-Smith deck. This very popular deck is commonly referred to as the Rider-Waite deck. I worked with this deck until 1973, when I awoke one night from a very powerful dream. In this dream I had the vision of being in a cave or dark passageway where I could not discern whether or not I was floating past a series of Egyptian images or they were floating past me. I awoke immediately with a sense of great import. The next morning I shared my dream with my friend Karen who was also a colleague in a crafts cooperative that I ran in Santa Monica. Mildly amused, Karen pulled out a deck of the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Cards from her purse and asked that I take a look at them. I immediately sorted through the cards and extracted those I had seen in the previous night’s dream. “You should come with me,” were her exact words and the following week we ventured down to an auditorium on St. Andrews Place near Western and Wilshire in Los Angeles. It was here that I was first introduced to The Brotherhood of Light philosophy. I have continued to work with and teach from The Brotherhood of Light deck to this day.

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