The Use of Tarot in Divination

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The term divination comes from the Latin divinare, meaning “to be inspired by the Divine.” It refers to any ritual technique that is used to gain a foreknowledge of the future. During a tarot card reading the diviner, or reader tunes into the soul or life-line of an individual in order to read events along the time-space continuum. The life-line is perceived by the reader as a series of waves or a sequencing of events representing important incidents in the past, present or future of the individual receiving the reading. During the process of shuffling and cutting the deck psychokinesis takes place. Psychokinesis is derived from the Greek: psyche, meaning “mind, or soul;” and kinesis, meaning “motion, or movement.” Psychokinesis literally refers to “mind-movement.” During the process of divination the soul or unconscious mind of the reader directs the movement of the cards to fall in such a way that the symbols reveal meaning that is recognized and interpreted by the conscious mind.

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